We just love serving people!



 As an essential part of the Carthay community office buildings, Carthay Café provides a relaxing space where customers can take a break from the nitty-gritty of everyday life, work, and errands. Carthay Café is different because our staff is hired and praised for their interpersonal skills and ability to provide light-hearted interactions with our customers. We collaborate with local California companies to serve only the highest quality breakfast and lunch meals. 

"The name “Carthay Café” derives from the half-a-square neighborhood of Carthay were you will find our café nestled between residential buildings from the 1920s and 30s. The one notable exception to these vintage architectural gems is the office-community along San Vicente Boulevard. 6310 and 6330 San Vicente Boulevard are two major buildings with  notable tenants such as the Pacific Crossroads Church, the Beverly Hills/Greater LA Association of Realtors, and Studeo Gyms. Among these great friends is where you'll find Carthay Café - always serving freshly ground coffee and food MADE IN CALIFORNIA".


It's what's on the inside that counts

Carthay Café was a forgotten and lonely cafeteria when we took over - it had been driven by owners who lacked a clear vision and a strategy for how this little café was going to thrive. People asked us if we were crazy - buying a café in Los Angeles that no one had heard of? A place with little foot traffic which didn't seem to be destined for anything other than mediocrity. If your customer base isn't going to be all of LA  - what is the point in making the effort? For us, the point was always very simple - we are doing it for you and for us. For all of you who work, live or play in Carthay Circle, South Carthay or any of the neighboring cities. We do it for all of you who come back with a smile every day for your 3 pm cookie and for all of you who count on us to serve you your first meal of the day. 


We do it because we care, and because we care ...

Carthay Café is the little café that could.