As you can see, a lot more goes into making your food and running Carthay Café than meets the eye. We thank you for being a loyal customer and hope to see you again soon!

Prices at Carthay Café

How do we make our prices?

At Carthay Café, we want to give you the most bang for your buck while providing you with the freshest and best ingredients.


Here is an explanation of the pie chart items:


Cost of Goods Sold:

These are the items we purchase every week, such as the produce, meat, eggs, milk, coffee, and snacks. We want to serve nothing but the best, which is why this is one of our highest expenses.


This goes to our staff to make sure we can provide you with seamless and friendly service around the clock, all whilst preparing your orders in no time.

Facility Fees:

Most of this goes to our landlord, Douglas Emmett for rent and common area maintenance (such as the restrooms, parking, the park, etc.). 


Licenses & Fees:

This includes the Department of Public Health, diverse taxes, processing fees, etc.


Maintenance of our furniture and equipment (incl. coffee & coke machine, fridges, freezers, grill, etc.) as well as pest control, for example.


That's the money we, as the owners, make. This has to pay for our rent at home, our food expenses, internet, phone, etc.