At Carthay Cafe, we source our Romaine lettuce from Andy Boy (starting 1/7/19), which has been deemed safe to eat. We took extraordinary precautions to assure that we can keep our customers safe. Please see Andy Boy's official statement below:

"On Monday, November 26, 2018 the FDA lifted their advisory to consumers not to eat any romaine lettuce. It is imperative to note that romaine grown by D’Arrigo California under the Andy Boy label has not been implicated in the E. coli outbreak.

The FDA is urging growers, processors, distributors and retailers to clearly and prominently label all individually packaged romaine products to identify the growing region and harvest date to alleviate any concerns for consumers. D’Arrigo California is complying with this request and we have created case labels that will specify the growing region and date of harvest. For packaged romaine hearts items (12/3, 7/6, 18/2, 15/3), we will also provide a sticker on the bag that states the date of harvest and the region where the product was grown.

All of our Andy Boy romaine products (carton romaine/romaine hearts) are currently being harvested out of the Yuma Valley, Imperial Valley and Mexico.

D’Arrigo California understands how the romaine outbreak has been a challenge for all involved and our top priority is providing healthful products for our valued consumers. We hope that the aforementioned actions will give confidence that D’Arrigo California is being responsive in trying to provide assurance in not only the romaine category, but also our Andy Boy products." - Andy Boy (http://www.andyboy.com/romaine-statement/)